Confirm app revolutionises wildlife management and safety reporting

Promoted by AVEM Insight | September 26, 2023

AVEM Insight brings together disparate sources of information to both help predict birdstrikes and help pilots report them.

Aviation in Australia poses many unique challenges, one of which is wildlife management. The biodiversity of our region is as unique as it is fascinating; a wealth of bird, mammal, and insect species only found on our shores is a point of pride for any Australian. Unfortunately, for as long as there has been aviation, wildlife has been a constant threat to pilots. In Australia, between 2008 and 2017, there were 16,626 confirmed birdstrikes reported to the ATSB, resulting in damage, delays, and physical harm.

New start-up AVEM Insight has taken the problem of wildlife management and applied a data-driven technology solution to enhance safety through forward visibility of threats and streamlining reporting processes. Historically, airports have shouldered the responsibility of mitigating wildlife risks, while pilots and network planners have had limited visibility of ongoing threats. Additionally, the mandatory safety reporting processes have been burdensome, discouraging busy pilots from reporting events accurately and in a timely manner. AVEM Insight’s CONFIRM app aims to address these challenges, providing AI-developed predictive risk advice and streamlining safety reporting processes.

The Challenge of Wildlife Management

Wildlife management has historically been the responsibility of individual airports, leaving pilots with limited visibility of ongoing risks. This lack of comprehensive information can result in unexpected encounters with wildlife and a heightened potential for accidents. One strategy is the use of radar systems to detect wildlife activity around airports. These can detect the presence of animals and alert airport staff, allowing them to take appropriate action to prevent wildlife strikes. In addition, airports often use habitat modification techniques, such as reducing vegetation and removing food sources, to deter wildlife. Data from these sources is used on an individual or single-site level. By bringing together these disparate data sources, CONFIRM aims to enhance the predictive power of decision-makers.

Predictive Risk Assessment with CONFIRM

To address the problem of limited visibility, CONFIRM utilises advanced AI algorithms to analyse an extensive range of data sources. This includes historical wildlife sightings, migration patterns, weather conditions, and even previous strike data. By leveraging this information, CONFIRM provides pilots with up-to-date and highly accurate risk assessments. The app’s predictive capabilities enable aviation professionals to anticipate potential wildlife encounters and strategise accordingly, minimising the chances of incidents. This enhanced visibility empowers pilots to make informed decisions.

Streamlined Safety Reporting

In addition to the issue of limited wildlife risk visibility, current aviation safety reporting processes have proven to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Busy pilots often find it difficult to allocate time for reporting safety events accurately and in a timely manner. This lack of adequate reporting leads to an incomplete understanding of the scope and frequency of wildlife encounters, hindering effective risk management strategies.

CONFIRM addresses this challenge by providing a user-friendly mobile application that simplifies the safety reporting process. Pilots can quickly and efficiently report safety incidents, near-misses, or wildlife strikes/sightings through the app. The intuitive interface and streamlined workflow ensure that busy pilots can report events accurately and in a timely manner without adding excessive administrative burdens to their workload. By improving the reporting process, CONFIRM encourages pilots to actively participate in sharing critical safety information, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of potential wildlife risks.

AVEM believes all safety-related reporting should take 60 seconds or less. CONFIRM not only enhances visibility and streamlines reporting but also aims to foster a collaborative approach to aviation safety. By integrating AI-developed predictive risk advice into the app, AVEM Insight recognises the invaluable expertise and insights of pilots. Rather than wildlife management being solely the responsibility of airports, CONFIRM creates a networked ecosystem where pilots are active participants. Their firsthand experiences and observations contribute to the continuous improvement of risk assessments and mitigation strategies. By re-engaging with the pilot community, CONFIRM cultivates a safety-centric culture that prioritises information sharing and collaboration among all stakeholders.


CONFIRM represents a significant milestone in aviation safety, addressing the dual challenges of wildlife management and cumbersome reporting processes. By providing pilots with AI-developed predictive risk advice and streamlining safety reporting, CONFIRM revolutionises how the aviation community engages with wildlife risks. Through increased visibility, enhanced reporting capabilities, and collaborative trend monitoring, CONFIRM not only increases safety margins but also fosters a culture of proactive risk management.

With CONFIRM, Australia continues to lead in aviation safety. By harnessing the power of AI and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, AVEM Insight’s CONFIRM app paves the way for a safer and more efficient aviation industry.

Download CONFIRM today from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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